Abbaye des Rocs Blanche des Honnelles 33cl

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Yes 6% 33cl
Abbaye des Rocs Blanche des Honnelles 33cl
  • Taste:
  • If the bouquet is subdued its first flavor is a stark dry bitterness on a peppery background. There is no acidity in this Blanche des Honnelles composed of three grains (barley, wheat, oats). Its taste is stimulating, leaving a discreet but refreshing finish. Lots of character and curious. 

  • Type:
  • High fermentation
  • Color:
  • Blonde trouble
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 6°C => 42,8°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Malt (of wheat, oat, barley), hops (Hallertau, Brewers Gold), well water from a rocky subsoil.
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Historic :

The Abbaye des Rocs Brewery has its roots in a little picturesque village, a true green spot in an area since populated with flourishing industries.

Blanche des Honnelles (1991) was originally very localised, and has since expanded beyond the boundries of the greater and lesser Honnelle rivers, from which it takes it's name. The Blanche des Honnelles leaves the beaten path somewhat.

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