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KBC bank Account: BE60 7380 3716 5570 


The General Conditions as stated here, apply to all products offered  for sale on the Finest Belgian Beers  shop and for all deliveries. Every order implies the general conditions of sale are accepted.  

The customer has the right to inform the seller to renounce the purchase, without having to pay a fine and without having to state the reasons, within 7 calendar days following the delivery of the goods or the making of the deal.

Only Belgian Law applies to the General Conditions of Finest Belgian Beers.



Working days: are all calendar days except Sundays and legal holidays.


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 For the USA : Finest Belgian Beers is not responsible if the shipment is blocked by US Customs. Please be aware that State ABC laws govern how much alcohol a person may import into their state without a license and those laws are enforced by CBP. You must check with the state ABC board where your shipment will enter the country to determine their limits. When a person imports beverage alcohol products into the United States on a one-time basis for personal use, an importer's basic permit is not required, nor is it necessary to obtain a COLA. However, ALL federal, state, and local taxes must be paid, and other state, local, or CBP requirements may apply

Here the link about the law : http://www.ttb.gov/importers/personal_importation.shtml & http://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases

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