Delivery FAQ


We will delivery all our products worldwide. 

For Europe : This price charges are per 30kg (66lb)=> Shipment company are : Bpost, DPD(on-demand) & PostNL(on-demand).

For USA, Great-Brittain, China, Brasil, Japan, Philipinnes, South-Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Norway, Australia, Canary Island, Canada and Hong Kong,: This price charges are per 30 kg (66lb) => Shipment company is Bpost.

Pay note : we are not responsible if the shipment is blocked by US Customs. Please be aware that State ABC laws govern how much alcohol a person may import into their state without a license and those laws are enforced by CBP. You must check with the state ABC board where your shipment will enter the country to determine their limits. When a person imports beverage alcohol products into the United States on a one-time basis for personal use, an importer's basic permit is not required, nor is it necessary to obtain a COLA. However, ALL federal, state, and local taxes must be paid, and other state, local, or CBP requirements may apply

If the package is sent back through Customs to Finest Belgian Beers, no refund will be made to the client. You must first find out if your country (state) accepts the importation of beer.

If you are living in the State of California or States which are served by US LAX(Los Angeles airport), we don't deliver !!!  If you place an order as well, the amount of your purchase will be 20% deducted for administrative costs !!

Here the link about the law :

 If your country is not in the list, send us an email to know how much is the shipping cost.


  1. Dpd : Dpd will make the deliveries to your doorstep. Through Total Zero, DPD will ensure that every parcel sent via its network will be carbon neutral - and at no extra cost to the customer. Once DPD picks up your parcel at our warehouse you will receive a tracking code. This code will enable you to follow your parcel until it's actually delivered at your doorstep.
  2. Bpost : E-tailing. Online shopping. Ecommerce. Eventually, a great part of your activities around logistics. And logistics, that is our business. Your customers demand - like yourself - timely, transparent and reliable deliveries. That's exactly what bpost International offers you a wide international experience and a global network of various services to make your packages always deliver on time at their destination. So we keep your customers, wherever they are located. And so, we contribute to the growth of your e-business 
  3. PostNL: We have our own networks in the United Kingdom. In Germany, we combine our own regional networks with partner companies, making us a strong alternative for Deutsche Post. We are the quality postal company in Italy. We work with the best partners for international letters and parcels.



All our boxes are double wall cardboard boxes. Packed safely !

All the products are packed separately.