Boon Discovery box 4x37,5cl + tasting manual

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Boon Discovery box
  • Taste:
  • Boon Discovery box contains 4 x 37,5cl + tasting manual

    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 16 37,5cl: is comparable with VAT 122. However, there's a difference of 2-and-a-half years of additional ageing in the oak barrel of this VAT 16. Meaning it has matured for some 4 years in Foeder n° 16! This Oude Geuze certainly shows that more maturation adds extra dimensions to the flavour. In fact, this Oude Geuze is very much vinous in nature. In addition to the fruitiness, you also notice the spicy flavours and the typical vanilla and caramel notes derived from the oak itself - which you would expect in an old Lambic of this kind. Foeder n° 16 was originally a beer barrel that was used for some time to store wines from the Rhône valley in France. This barrel has been in service at our brewery since 2005 and is ideal for ageing Lambic for 3 and even 4 years.
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 59 37.5cl: is a perfect example of an Oude Geuze with a sturdy oak character. Woodiness, combined with the fullness of body of this Oude Geuze, gives it a pleasant and well-rounded feeling. Slightly smoky notes, a gently enhanced bitterness and flavours of nuts make this Oude Geuze one to linger with and enjoy. Foeder n° 59 was originally a calvados storage barrel. This barrel has been put into service in October 2007. And over the years, it has now been in service long enough to be called a 'Lambic barrel'. Remarkably, it now releases more of its woody character into the Lambic than it did in the past. And you can definitely taste it! 
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 93 37,5cl: is a more sour Oude Geuze. You can identify the sourness a little faster in the nose. And when you taste it, you notice a friendly acidity. In addition to this volatile acidity, a mild fruitiness also comes through, with just a tiny hint of wood and vanilla. Although the acidity comes first, this Oude Geuze is still very nicely balanced and full of flavour. When this bottle has matured some more, it will reduce the acidity. Foeder n° 93 was originally a barrel for red wine and now, after more than 10 years, it is a fully fledged part of our collection of barrels. The Lambic beer produced in this barrel now always features all of the typical Lambic flavours and virtually nothing remains of the wine that was once in it. We only still detect the volatile acidity.
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 122 37,5cl: is a super mellow Oude Geuze. It's delicate and has gentle vinous (wine-like) notes. In the background, you'll notice soft tones of oak and frangipane. Foeder n° 122 is a large barrel added more recently to our collection. In fact it's one of our biggest barrels of all, holding around 25,000 litres. It was originally used to store and age red wine, but in its second life, Foeder n° 122 has already been filled 3 times with beautiful Lambic beer. And the 3rd filling with which we have made this VAT 122, was also the first in which the typical wild yeasts of our brewery really come to the fore in this barrel.
  • Type:
  • Spontaneous fermentation, naturally refermented in the bottle.
  • Color:
  • Hazy orange body white head.
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 6°C to 8°C => 43°F to 46°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Malt, wheat, hops and water
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Since 1975, Boon Brewery has been owned and run by Frank Boon, one of the pioneers of the authentic lambic and gueuze revival. But the first signs of the brewery date back to 1680, as a farm-brewery and distillery in the village of Lembeek. In 1860 Louis Paul bought the brewery to brew only lambic and faro. From 1875, he began bottling gueuze lambic. In 1898, Pierre Troch bought the brewery. But after the economic crisis of 1927, it came into the hands of Joseph De Vits. His son, Rene is renowned for the production of soft and fine gueuze lambic. As Rene De Vits had no children, he sold the brewery to Frank Boon.

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