De Wilde Brouwers Wild Specials Flemish Red Ale N°2 75cl

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'De Wilde Brouwers Wild Specials Flemish Red Ale N°2 75cl 'De Wilde Brouwers Wild Specials Flemish Red Ale N°2 75cl'De Wilde Brouwers Wild Specials Flemish Red Ale N°2 75cl
  • Taste:
  • Aroma of sour grapes, sour apples, currant, red wine vinegar, moist wood. Tart blackberries and currant and wild apples, fizzy carbonated with very limited sweetness; brown bread-like malt base, a tad caramel and doughy, almost completely dried by sharp lactic acid. Tart fruity acidity and yeasty earthiness, the former accentuated by a tannic wood effect, although overall the wood and Bordeaux remain subordinate to the estery and lactic acid bacterial effects. A late, earthy hop bitter note also emerges at the back.

    Flemish red ale oak aged on Bordeaux barrels.

  • Type:
  • Top fermentation, refermented in the bottle.
  • Color:
  • Almost translucent redcopper beer, lively carbonated with a fine cream-pink head.
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 6°C to 8°C => 43°F to 46°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Barley malt, yeast, hops and water.
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A brewery where creating flavors is a form of freedom. History and content are therefore central. For example, elements of disappeared Belgian breweries formed the basis of the brewer's installation. Hours of polishing and welding restored their former glory.
What once started in a microbrewery in the heart of Ghent with the help of the grandparents, led in the summer of 2017 to a move to a post-war factory building from the late 1940s on the outskirts of Ghent (Flora, Merelbeke). We said goodbye with one last brew.
The wild brewers moved into the spacious SOFACQ factory. A historic location with a soul that should not be lost. In this way old industrial elements come back in a new context, just like we ourselves realize our new dreams in a historical environment.

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