Petrus Aged Red 33cl

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Yes 8,5% 33cl
  • Taste:
  • A dark beer with a rapidly vanishing cream colored foam. Smell of cherries and malt. Taste also cherries and malt, but what sweetness of marzipan and some light smoky. A full flavor though. Aftertaste is slightly bitter with cherries, not unpleasant.

    Petrus Aged Red is a blend of 15% Petrus Aged Pale, pure foeder beer that has been aged for 2 years in oak foeders, and 85% dubbel bruin with cherries. For the fruit beer lover, but with an ideal sweet-sour balance. Full-bodied, fruity and refreshingly sour at the same time!

  • Type:
  • Top fermentation mixed
  • Color:
  • Red - Brown
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 8°C to 12°C => 46°F to 54°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Malt, hops, cherries, yeast and water.
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Passion driven people

Love for brewing is in the genes of the De Brabandere family. With the best master brewers at their side, generation after generation have continued the tradition and expanded the rich assortment of beers.

We share this passion all these years with all our employees: they literally bring ‘life in the brewery’. And life in your glass, at home or with friends. Because our passion gives flavour to pleasant and sparkling moments with friends.

We are extremely proud of this.


Value driven

Authenticity starts from the original ingredients of excellent quality with which we brew in the traditional manner. We use real aroma hops and also still use the pure water from our own natural source.

Yet another irreplaceable and rare ingredient: time. De Brabandere grants each beer time to mature gently and acquire its full aroma. This can be tasted.

Authenticity also means for us: being true to our origins and our values. Our heart is in Bavikhove, in what once started as a farm brewery. No wonder that for innumerable years we join our forces to achieve what inspires people around us and plays an active role in the local social life, cycling races, football and the local middle class.


Service quality

The De Brabandere brewery swears by traditional brewing processes, but is also constantly looking for innovations to develop better beers and new flavours. This is because we are not nostalgic people who are wedded to the past, but actually progressive master brewers who want to continue to maintain all the honour of our reputation among beer connoisseurs and beer lovers.

Our innovation results in an unprecedented palette of taste experiences.

Brewed for beerlovers

Brewed for beerlovers

Our exceptional manner of brewing is tasted by connoisseurs in every glass. Each beer from our rich assortment provides connoisseurs and beer lovers an unparalleled taste experience. Our lagers, special beers, and highly fermented beers are also regularly to be found among the prize winners.

That so many beers bearing our crown caps have been awarded prizes is thanks to our motto: never compromise on taste. Drink tastily!

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