Vandekelder Barley wine 33cl

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Vandekelder Barley wine 33cl
  • Taste:
  • Barley Wines combine strength and complexity. It is a brawny, malt-forward beer. As one of the strongest beer styles, it’s also an intense brew: lively and fruity, bittersweet, alcoholic.

  • Type:
  • Top fermentation, refermented in the bottle
  • Color:
  • A hazy amber beer with a off-white head.
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 8°C to 10°C
  • Ingredients:
  • Barley malt, yeast, hops and water.
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The Brewers of Brasserie Vandekelder

 What do we stand for?


Authentic, balanced, artisanal brews in a new guise. Robust beers with heart and soul, without compromising on quality and completely independent from the hip hop or the flavor of the week.

In hundreds of brewing sessions, we have pumped thousands of liters through our taps.  In the quest to find our essence, hone our craft and deliver the envisioned palette, aroma and color to our brews, we discovered ourselves as averse to trend hopping, against the stream if necessary, finding beauty in simplicity when possible.

After countless times of sampling, sipping and weighing, craft and pleasure burst from every seam of our cellar. In 2020 Brasserie Vandekelder finally emerged with the necessary brewing confidence to become part the creative, rich and lively Brussels beer scene.

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