Delirium Gin 70cl

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Delirium Gin 70cl
  • Taste:
  • Delirium Gin is a fruity gin. The aroma that emerges in the nose comes from fruit followed by almonds. You taste a spicy flavor with a slightly sweet tinge. It has a spicy finish.

Although there are already a lot of gins on the market, the offer of gins based on beer is still quite limited. The reason is obvious: this requires a special distillation process and not everyone dares to venture into it. Nevertheless, Huyghe brewery did find this specific know-how at Rubbens distillery in Wichelen, which - just like Huyghe - has a long tradition.

A number of test brews were made on the basis of the main ingredient Delirium Tremens, juniper berries and other botanicals that the distillery wishes to keep secret, from which the brewery eventually chose 1 'winning' recipe. The result is a 42% gin with a unique taste: the fruity esters and almond notes of Delirium Tremens are recognizable in the smell and are reflected in the taste which is very smooth, spicy with a sweetish touch and a slightly spicy aftertaste.

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