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Boon Discovery Vat 86-91-92-108-108bis-109-110 pack
  • Taste:
  • Boon discovery pack contains 7x37,5cl:

    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 86 37,5cl: Foeder N° 86 is made half with new (2016) staves and half with old staves. With this combination VAT 86 is characterized by touches of woodcaramel as in cognac, smokey vanilla-aromas and aromas of peaches and tropical fruit.
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 91 37,5cl: The very subtle, elegant and tender taste of Oude Geuze VAT 91 comes from foeder Nr. 91, used in Normandy as a calvados barrel. Now this feeder creates excellent, sweet Lambiek, ideal for Old Geuze. VAT 91 is soft, round, full-bodied, complex and in balance. The unique oval shape of foeder 91 ensures optimal use of the feeding room.
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 92 37.5cl: This Old Geuze is the favorite of our tasting team. He is pleasantly full-bodied, complex and contains smoky and spicy tests. These unique flavors are derived from the oak barrel, used for red wine in France in the Rhône valley. The oak tree clearly expresses a stamp on the overall taste image and adds a particularly positive contribution to the Lambiek aroma.
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 108 37,5cl: The very witty accents in this Old Geuze are combined with a clear 'old beer' character, which ensures a sturdy and robust taste with undeniable but not overwhelming volatile acids. This barrel from 1935 comes from another brewery, where the beers contain volatile acids. This feeder enriches the character of all our mixes.
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 108bis 37,5cl: Aroma: old attic, dusty, pretty funky, white grapes, jute, some fresh or sharp metallic or chlorine like aroma, but not offputting. A touch of citrus as well as earthy raw potato and the aroma of warm biscuits in the back. Taste: medium sweetness, moderate bitterness and a decent amount of tartness. Well balanced. Notes of green apple to white grapes, bretty citrus, earth and old autumn leaves, slightly metallic, biscuit, slightly woody and some grapefruit (peel) in the finish. Palate: medium bodied, slightly oily texture, a rather dry finish and lively carbonation. 
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 109 37,5cl: Traditional Oude Geuze VAT 109 is a 'Monoblend' composed for 90% with Lambic from cask (foeder) N°109. Aroma of hay, barnyard, slight note of cognac, citrus, slight minerals, light touch of stone fruits. Taste is rather sour with lots good funky character, some sweet notes of cognac, stone fruits, citrus. Great gueuze
    • Boon Oude Gueuze Vat 110 37,5cl: Oude Geuze Bean VAT 110 has given its light, dry but very full-bodied taste, with a button of vanilla and dry fruit, thanks to foeder Nr. 110. This foeder was previously used as a cognac stocking vessel and has been serving the brewery since 2009 as Lambiek vat. The Oude Geuze is characterized by a wealth of flavors, developed by brett fermentation in the barrel.
  • Type:
  • Spontaneous fermentation, naturally refermented in the bottle.
  • Color:
  • Hazy orange body white head.
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 6°C to 8°C => 43°F to 46°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Malt, wheat, hops and water
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Since 1975, Boon Brewery has been owned and run by Frank Boon, one of the pioneers of the authentic lambic and gueuze revival. But the first signs of the brewery date back to 1680, as a farm-brewery and distillery in the village of Lembeek. In 1860 Louis Paul bought the brewery to brew only lambic and faro. From 1875, he began bottling gueuze lambic. In 1898, Pierre Troch bought the brewery. But after the economic crisis of 1927, it came into the hands of Joseph De Vits. His son, Rene is renowned for the production of soft and fine gueuze lambic. As Rene De Vits had no children, he sold the brewery to Frank Boon.

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