Brewery in the spotlight: Westkwartier brewery

Brewery in the spotlight: Westkwartier brewery

Finest Belgian Beers believes in Brewery Westkwartier with their first beer Hilleveld blond 33cl

More information about the Brewery:

The Brewery:

Westkwartier Brewery is a young beer brewery founded in 2020 in rural Geluveld. The brewery was created in response to the limited supply of "wild" beers in the vast Belgian beer landscape.

With Brouwerij Westkwartier we want to draw more attention to these lesser-known beer style(s) and convince you how sublime beer can be that has been quietly matured with the famous wild Brettanomyces yeast.

Out of love for the craft, the beer is brewed according to traditional methods and entirely by ourselves. The entire production process from development, from brewing to bottling our beer, is done entirely in-house. We work with quality and local ingredients from our own terroir, such as only Poperinge hops and Belgian malts.

Would you like to learn more about how our beer is brewed with "wild" yeast? Be sure to check out the production process!

At Brouwerij Westkwartier we fully support the local chain. The name of the brewery "Westkwartier" is therefore a reference to the former name of the Westhoek where the brewery is located.

In fact, at the time of the Iconoclasm in the 16th century, the southwestern corner of the county of Flanders, which at the time also included parts of what is now French territory, was known as the "West Quarter".


Written on -- 08/09/2022

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