White Pony Molotov BA Wine 33cl

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No 19,1% 33cl
White Pony Molotov BA Wine 33cl
  • Taste:
  • A double fermented BarleyWine in which a lot of American hops were added. White Pony is known for its extreme beers, and this Molotov currently takes the lead with 19,1%

  • Type:
  • Top fermentation, refermented in the bottle.
  • Color:
  • Black beer with beige foam head.
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 12°C to 14°C => 54°F to 57°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Barley malt, yeast, hops and water.
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White Pony Microbrewery borns from the real passion for the craft beer.
We make craft, unpasteurized and unfiltered, bottle conditioned real ales respecting the ancient tradition but with our own innovative view.
Our beers are made only with water, malts, hops and yeast, and sometimes we use to put some particular sugar or spice. This method permits an evolution of the beer in the bottle and the possibility to age it for a lot of time.
We don’t want to bore you with words like “we use the best ingredients”...it’s just obvious! But we try to spread our emotions through the beers cause for us the beer is art. We don’t want make the same pils or witbiers of the same thousands of breweries, we brew first of all what we like to drink, trying to make something different, inspired by each moment of the life and the emotions that we feel everyday. We hope that you’ll find those emotions inside a bottle!
Peace, love and beer!

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