Moinette Bons-Voeux 75cl

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Moinette Bons-Voeux 75cl Moinette Bons-Voeux 75cl Moinette Bons-Voeux 75cl
  • Taste:
  • Complex aroma and flavour owing to the fine hop and yeast types used. Smooth, bitter and fruity.

  • Type:
  • Top fermentation, refermented in the bottle.
  • Color:
  • Copper blond
  • Ideal temperature:
  • 12°C => 54°F
  • Ingredients:
  • Long maturation phase. With dry-hopping
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History :

In 1920, Louis Dupont, agronomist, is considering the purchase of a farm in Canada. To dissuade his father Alfred Dupont buys her farm-brewery-Rimaux Deridder dating from 1759 farm brewery was famous for its beer production season and honey beer. 
  In 1945, Louis Dupont with no children, Brasserie Dupont was bequeathed to his nephew Sylva Rosier, Engineer Brasseur. 
  Sylva Rosier worked there with his son Marc, head of Brasserie Dupont from 1964 to 2002, with his daughter Claude with whom he developed the ROLA office, laboratory analysis in brewing and malting. 
  Today, it is always the children and grandchildren of Sylva Rosier who own the Brasserie Dupont. 
  Grand-son of Sylva Rosier, Olivier Dedeycker entered the Brasserie Dupont in 1990 as an engineer Brasseur. 
  Since 2002, Olivier Dedeycker succeeded his uncle Marc Rosier to the direction of the family brewery and represents the fourth generation of this family of brewers. 

Our sales are very long remained local production representing about 4,000 hl until 1986, beer in Belgium, which allowed many consumers to experience our products. From 1986 to 1993, the sales volume has increased from 4,000 to 5,000 hl. 
  Regular export our beer actually started in 1992 and our production has been able to reach more than 7,000 hl in 2002. 
  Since 2003, production will change significantly and reached the level of 19.000hl in 2013 Today, the share of export accounts for 40% of production. 
  To cope with this growth, we regularly invest in additional production equipment and the expansion of local production with the aim to exploit the tool optimally while maintaining traditional manufacturing processes.

Article number: FBB24890